Projects and Courses

Panama Silver, Asian Gold: Migration, Money, and the Making of the Modern Caribbean

Dr. Rhonda Cobham-Sander (Amherst College), Dr. Donette Francis (University of Miami), Dr. Leah Rosenberg (University of Florida)

Students in the course undertake archival research, digital scholarship, and literary studies of the Caribbean through an interdisciplinary lens. Through class assignments, they consider the colonial dimensions of archives, examining how particular facets of identity and subalternity influence Caribbean writers and scholars.

Outcomes & Deliverables

Students examine topics of intersectionality across archival material and produce digital projects using Scalar, Wikipedia, and the Wiki service PBWorks.


Course Syllabus

The “Panama Silver, Asian Gold” syllabus is included in Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities, a born-digital, peer-reviewed resource available on Humanities Commons


Examples of course assignments shared at the institute.

Example PBWorks Site

Wiki for Dr. Rosenberg’s course “Tourism and Caribbean Literature”

Tools and Topics


Websites created for courses and student projects provide access to class materials and help disseminate student research. WordPress is a free program for website design with many benefits such as ease of use, privacy protection, and compatibility with other digital platforms.

Presentations a pedagogical tool

Debbie McCollin from UWI, Trinidad and Tobago discusses the benefits and limitations of using WordPress in the classroom.

Example Website

Debbie McCollin created “Digital History at UWI.”

Example Website

Kimberly Bain created “Ghosts in the Water: Chinese Women in Trinidad”


WordPress Tutorials

Learn how to build a website with WordPress help guides.

WP Beginner

A beginner’s guide with detailed tutorials about WordPress.