Projects and Courses

A Connected Classrooms Project: Transoceanic Experiences of Indenture

Dr. Anita Baksh (LaGuardia Community College) and Dr. Laëtitia Saint-Loubert (Université de la Réunion)

Students will study experiences of indentured labor in twentieth- and twenty-first-century literature from a transoceanic perspective and work together with an international partner to analyze, interpret and produce a translation of a literary text related to Indian indentureship writing.

Project Goals

  • For five weeks, students will develop projects with international partners using a variety of digital tools and platforms as part of a Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) model.
  • Focuses on narratives of indenture in Indo-Caribbean, Indo-Mauritian and Indo-Reuinionese writing.
  • Each week, students will learn key terms and themes related to experiences of indenture such as working conditions, inter-ethnic relationships, gendered experiences, languages, and Indian culinary and cultural traditions.
  • Students will be exposed to French and English languages through project literature as well as introduced words and expressions from various Creoles, Hindi, and Bhojpuri.

Outcomes & Deliverables

The project encourages digital engagement between institutions with various linguistic backgrounds to learn about indentured labor from a transoceanic perspective and further decolonize curricula. Students will submit final translation projects and a reflection.


Project Lesson Plan

Schedule with descriptions of assignments and suggested bibliography (Shared under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license.)

“Coolies: How Britain Re-invented Slavery”

A video that helps introduce key themes in the project’s first week.

Institute Reflection

Laëtitia’s perspective on the institute experience.