Tools and Topics

Collaborative Grant Seeking

Matching a project to the right funding opportunity can be a challenge. Finding the right partners and leveraging our strengths are crucial to successful proposals. University of Florida Grants Manager Bess de Farber and librarian Perry Collins co-led a webinar for institute participants.



Funding for Libraries

Bess de Farber developed this guide, including funding opportunities of interest across libraries

Modern Endangered Archives Program

Based at UCLA, this Arcadia-funded program has supported several projects to digitize Caribbean collections

Institute proposal

Read the proposal for the institute, funded by the NEH Institutes for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities program.

Projects and Courses

Dutch Caribbean Digital Platform

Dr. Margo Groenewoud (University of Curaçao)

Margo Groenewoud presenting at the institute.

This digital repository includes unrestricted and restricted materials from special collections such as the Dutch Heritage Collection, as well as collections from the University of Curaçao and partner institutions.

Project Goals

  • Develop a research program based on the playlist pedagogy concept that uses Zikinzá collection materials available in the Dutch Caribbean Digital Platform
  • Improve Zikinzá collection metadata to increase accessibility and use
  • Encourage more use of the Zikinzá collection in educational settings

Outcomes & Deliverables

The research program will bring local sources into the classroom to increase historical awareness and decolonize education. Students will learn to contextualize and build critical thinking skills through discussions about engaging with playlist recordings.


Dutch Caribbean Digital Platform

Access the DCDP to search and view collections.

Playlist Pedagogy

Margo’s presentation about incorporating auditory playlists into educational settings with an example from the DCDP collections.

The Cult of Pedagogy Podcast

Read the transcript from the podcast’s 50th episode: Using Playlists to Differentiate Instruction.

Zikinzá Collection

Search this collection in the DCDP for songs, music, and stories about life on Bonaire and Curaçao.

Example Recording

Listen to this MP3 song recording from the Zikinzá Collection.

Projects and Courses

Exploring Caribbean Literature through Archival Research & Creative Writing

Dr. Rosamond S. King (Brooklyn College, part of the City University of New York)

The archive assignment for Caribbean Literature asks students to examine how historical constructions of race are reflected in photography.

Goals: Archive Assignments

  • Use online archives and databases to conduct image or photo research
  • Conduct photo analysis on chosen images
  • Consider the motivations and identity of the photographer, the photo’s context, and how race is depicted in the photos
  • Learn about metadata, and what the metadata reveals about the images
  • Bridge creative writing and analysis through poetry

Outcomes & Deliverables

  • An effective photo analysis of the chosen image, improved metadata for the chosen photograph, and an essay on the analysis and their chosen revisions to the metadata.
  • An original poem inspired by an archival photograph


Photo Analysis Assignment

Student assignment to analyze race and positionality in archival photographs. (Shared under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license.)

Poetry Archive Assignment

Guidelines for Dr. King’s unit assignment on writing ekphrastic poetry inspired by archival photographs. (Shared under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license.)

Caribbean Photo Archive

A rich collection of over 3,000 photographs amassed by archivist Patrick Montgomery, now held by the Art Gallery of Ontario

Projects and Courses

US Caribbean & Ethnic Florida Digital Newspaper Project

Melissa Jerome (University of Florida)

Collage of newspaper pages

Project Goals

This project was developed through a partnership between the University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries, the University of Puerto Rico – Río Piedras library system, and University of the Virgin Islands to provide free online access to historical newspapers from the United States and territories. It is part of Chronicling America, hosted by the Library of Congress and supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities National Digital Newspaper Program.

Outcomes & Deliverables

Since 2013, over 44 titles and 270,000 pages have been made accessible online. They are available through the Florida Digital Newspaper Library, the Digital Library of the Caribbean, the Biblioteca Digital Puertorriqueña, and the Library of Congress – Chronicling America. Updates and continued initiatives are also shared on the project’s website and social media platforms.


Melissa’s presentation

Slides from the institute, with an overview of Chronicling America with links to relevant collections

Project blog

Updates and highlights

Teaching resources

Including K-12 lesson plans

Projects and Courses

Challenging Colonialism Through Archives & Digital Humanities

Margarita Vargas-Betancourt, Ph.D., University of Florida

Project Goals

  • To critically analyze the history of the University of Florida’s Latin American & Caribbean Collection (LACC) and Panama Canal Museum Collection (PCCM) as examples of hegemony and colonialism.
  • To evaluate how library specialists have challenged colonialism and highlighted underrepresented communities through exhibitions.

Outcomes & Deliverables

An exhibit about the Panama Canal Zone was developed and used categories of archival materials that documented underrepresented voices: photographs of workers, documentation of systematic segregation, photographs of agency, letters from laborers, yearbooks, and oral histories.


Margarita’s presentation

Slides from the NEH Digital Caribbean Studies 2019 institute

Exhibit: Voices from the Panama Canal

Object list and interpretive labels from the 2014 exhibit

Panama Canal Museum collection

Access digital collections and the project blog

Research poster

“Voices from the Panama Canal: Finding the Other in the Colonial Archive,” presented at the 2016 American Historical Association conference

Conference paper

“Facing Diversity: Challenges of Curating an Exhibit on the Panama Canal,” presented at the 2015 Florida Conference of Historians

LACC guide

Latin American and Caribbean Collection at UF

Projects and Courses

Using Digital Repositories to Teach DH and Caribbean Studies

Dr. Schuyler Esprit (University of the West Indies, Antigua and Barbuda)

Project Goals

  • To develop academic methodologies that incorporate research, technology, and community work.
  • To build an internship program that gives students experience with formal DH academic research, programming and coding, and creating projects that contribute to online repositories, K-12 content, and social change in local communities.

Outcomes & Deliverables

  • Students in the Create Caribbean internship program at Dominica State College build professional skills and collaborations, and contribute to digital research projects across many disciplines.
  • A redesign of the Caribbean classroom and Caribbean Studies pedagogy.


Presentation slides

Schuyler’s slides from the 2019 institute

Create Caribbean

Create Caribbean Research Institute website

Digital projects

Developed by Create Caribbean staff and interns

Projects and Courses

Caribbean Diaspora & Carnival

Nadjah Ríos-Villarini and Mirerza González (University of Puerto Rico – Río Piedras)

Panorama of Carnival Practices aims to explore migration and the Caribbean diaspora through the lens of cultural practices related to Carnival.

Project Goals

  • To design and develop an interactive webpage with curated content about mobility (of people culture, ideas, etc.) in Carnival.
  • To engage scholars from Linguistics, Performance, Music, History, Communication, Library Studies and Digital Humanities in the planning of reliable and affordable archiving, and preserving and disseminating practices.

Participants attend four workshops to identify project materials and DH support, assess technical aspects, review funding options and draft proposals, and develop a two year work plan.

Outcomes & Deliverables

Collections added to archives, maintaining collaborative networks through oral history and family history archives projects.


Nadjah & Mirerza’s presentation

Dr. Ríos Villarini and Dr. González offered an overview of their work during the institute.

Caribbean Diaspora project website

The website includes an overview of each project phase, meeting reports, and the original grant proposal.

Caribbean Diaspora dLOC collection

The project collection includes photos, articles, research papers, and other materials in Spanish and English.

Archivo Histórico de Vieques

The Vieques Historical Archives (AHV) supports the documentation and preservation of audiovisual materials and artifacts related to the history, development, and sociocultural struggles of the island of Vieques off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico.

Culebra Digital Community Archive

The Digital Community Archive for Culebra, founded by the Culebra Foundation, promotes the preservation and sharing of information on the island municipality of Culebra, through photos, artifacts, maps and documents.

Archivo de Respuestas Emergencias de Puerto Rico (AREPR)

Omeka site supporting and showcasing the work and knowledge production of grassroots community organizations in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of natural and man-made disasters.