Projects and Courses

Experiential Learning through Virtual Exchange (VE)- Global Perspectives

Dr. Mary Risner (University of Florida)

Virtual Exchange is an economical way to collaborate across borders and bring diverse content and practicing experts into the classroom.

Project Goals

  • Engage group of learners in extended periods of online intercultural interaction and collaboration.
  • Develop partnerships with other institutions and cultural contexts across a variety of geographic locations with the guidance of educators or professional facilitators.

Outcomes & Deliverables

Virtual Exchange courses provide a feasible stepping stone to study abroad experiences while increasing digital literacy and greater awareness of cultural diversity.


Mary’s Presentation

View slides from Dr. Risner’s overview of the Virtual Exchange program.

Introduction to Virtual Exchange

The International Center at the University of Florida provides information on Virtual Exchange, including course models and partnerships.

Example Course Model

Here you can view materials from the collaboratively designed Virtual Exchange course, “Panama Silver, Asian Gold.”


View the global network of higher education institutions working with the Collaborative Online Learning (COIL) Center at SUNY.

Soliya Connect Program

Learn about University Partners involved in Soliya’s Virtual Exchange Connect Program.