Tools and Topics

Minimal Computing

In a virtual session, Alex Gil (Digital Scholarship Librarian at Columbia University Libraries) discussed the value of minimal computing as a method of engaging digital humanities under constraints of software, network capacity, power, and other aspects.


The User, the Learner, & the Machines we Make

Alex Gil challenges scholars to ask themselves “How much do I need?” in terms of the technology they use in research and teaching, particularly in relation to concerns of research dissemination, access, and sustainability.

Design for Diversity: The Case of Ed

Alex Gil presents a case study on “Ed,” a system for producing online digital editions.


Wax is a resource which can be used to create scholarly exhibitions through a minimal computing process. Wax is an excellent tool for scholars who may not yet have access to or don’t want to use a lot of resources to create an exhibition.

The Command Line Crash Course

The Command Line Crash Course is a book providing a straightforward guide on how to use the command line to do basic computer programming. While not an exhaustive guide, it is meant to benefit beginners who have no previous programming experience.

HTML and CSS Courses on offers beginner-friendly online courses to learn HTML and CSS. These courses can support users who want to build a website, or simply enhance their digital literacy!