Projects and Courses

Introducing Digital Humanities in Creole Language Teacher Education on Curaçao

Dr. Margo Groenewoud (University of Curaçao)

Margo Groenewoud presenting at institute

Project Goals

  • Catalyze innovation in the language education of a small and in many ways vulnerable Creole language, Papiamentu
  • Introduce a basic set of DH teaching tools to new Papiamentu teachers, such as TimelineJS and StoryMapsJS
  • Observe and analyze readiness of the students to innovate their education by offering a semi-guided approach, leaving choices for selection of tools with students.

Outcomes & Deliverables

  • Student presentations were planned in March 2020. Given the partial lockdown because of the COVID pandemic, only a few students could finalize and present their work in a physical setting with full interaction and reflection. Nevertheless, rich material has been collected by the teacher that can be used for further analysis and planning of follow-up.
  • A general observation is that most students were able to complete the assignment with some help. They generally enjoyed working on the assignment. They seemed to embrace using digital material, though primarily as something of added value for them in the role of teachers. Though this is a valid starting point, follow-up needs to be given to building awareness of added value for our language students’ pupils.