Projects and Courses

3D Printing Grenada’s Petroglyphs

Brittany Mistretta (University of Florida), Jonathan Hanna (Heritage Research Group Caribbean), Mt. Rich Youth Culture and Environment Development Organization (MYCEDO)

Stack of 3D printed petroglyphs on table

Project Goals

  • To bring greater awareness to Grenada’s Indigenous heritage and the importance of its preservation.
  • To provide economic opportunity to the Mt. Rich community as part of their grass-roots interpretation center program.

Outcomes & Deliverables

Models of petroglyphs from the Mt. Rich Carib Stone were recreated in Tinkercad, a free modeling program, and were 3D printed.


Project handout

MYCEDO website


Blog Posts Project Update

Website Beginnings

Hello, my name is Brittany Mistretta. I’m a PhD candidate in the Anthropology programs at the University of Florida and Florida Museum of Natural History. I was given the opportunity to help facilitate and attend the Migration, Mobility, and Sustainability: NEH Caribbean Studies and Digital Humanities Institute in 2019, and found engaging with a digital humanities community to be an invaluable experience.

Starting this summer, I’m continuing my work as an intern with Caribbean Studies and Digital Humanities at the George A. Smathers Libraries. Under the supervision of Perry Collins and in collaboration with other team members, my role is to support the web and curricular development of the Institute’s forthcoming website, which will provide a central location for accessing institute materials.

Participant interviews conducted by my fellow intern, Hannah Toombs, will better inform the creation of the website. Our goal is to highlight participant experience with the institute and works they produced, including various approaches, methods, and digital tools participants used for their projects. I’m excited to help create a digital space that encourages continued production of collaborative and educational digital humanities materials and where this meaningful work can be shared.

I hope everyone is safe and well during this unprecedented time. I’m looking forward to continuing to provide updates as the website progresses!