Juliet Glenn-Callender

Reflection: Juliet Glenn-Callender

Juliet Glenn-Callender (Campus Librarian, University of The Bahamas-North) shares how she incorporated minimal computing techniques she learned into a digital course project after Hurricane Dorian. I was encouraged to attend the NEH Caribbean Studies and Digital Humanities Institute by my coworker Dr. Sally Everson of the University of The Bahamas English Department. I was working with…

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The Road to Independence: The Bahamas

Juliet Glenn-Callender (University of The Bahamas) Assignment Goals To identify social and economic conditions existing prior to independenceTo identify key personnel involved in the Women’s Suffrage MovementTo identify events leading to The Bahamas achieving Majority RuleTo identify what challenges were overcome in achieving independenceTo explore major events through the use of StoryMap JS Outcomes &…

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